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The standard Bay State PlasmaGun System includes one of each of the following:



PlasmaGun (PG-100, PG-120, PG-130 or PG-140) hand-held, machine mount or external feed PlasmaGun with Patented Boundary Layer Control Nozzle, Adjustable Collet Cathode or I.D. Extension.


IG-120-2 1

Standard Duty 12 Foot Cable Kit



80 kW Power Supply



CP-620 Manual or CP-640 PLC Control Consoles


Model 1200 2

Powder Feeder


FS-100 3

Water Flow Switch Kit

The paragraphs below describe the components in the system:

PG Series PlasmaGun   The PG100-4 PlasmaGun provides lightweight handheld operation while the PG120-4 PlasmaGun provides the option of machine mounting in addition to handheld operation. The PG130-4 offers all the features of the PG100 and PG120 in addition to allowing external delivery of powders to the plasma flame. All units are equipped for argon operation and feature our unique patented boundary layer control nozzle. Electrode options are available to easily convert the PlasmaGun for operation with nitrogen and various other combinations of gases. The NEW PG-140 offers I.D. extension capabilities down to diameters as small as 1.5". Each PlasmaGun is designed and engineered for ease of operation and maintenance, and operator comfort. The PlasmaGuns can be operated up to 80 kW using a wide variety of parameters.

IG-120-2 Cable Kit The Cable Kit is a standard duty cable kit 12 feet in length designed for use with the PG Series PlasmaGuns. The kit is engineered to minimize power losses and also carries the water to and from the gun for cooling purposes.  In addition to the power and water cables the kit also contains all other cables, connectors, power lugs and hoses necessary for connecting all the components that make up a complete spraying system.

PS-2004 Power Supply The PS-2004 Power Supply is an 80 kW unit capable of delivering 1000 amps at 80 load volts. It is completely interlocked for operator safety. The thermal overload protection guards against excessive power loading. A self-contained high frequency oscillator initiates the PlasmaGun arc. PlasmaGun starting is instantaneous, thus the high frequency generator does not cause troublesome electrical disturbances. It is smaller and lighter than other power supplies of comparable output. This unit is designed for operation with any plasma forming gas or gas combination for a broad range of spraying activities. Included in the power supply are a high frequency oscillator, contactor, remote control circuitry and protective overload devices.

CP-Series Control Consoles The CP-620 Control Console is an extremely compact unit providing all necessary controls, indicators, flow meters and safety circuits in simplified form. It is designed to permit mounting on a wall, spray booth, machine or mobile cart. This console is convenient to use, and operation has been simplified and interlocked to prevent improper operation that might damage the PlasmaGun. The CP-640 offers expanded controls and greater versatility while utilizing touchscreen PLC interface allowing for automated control. By virtue of longer, more accurate flowmeters, the CP-640 is able to achieve and maintain critical gas flow volumes including a wide variety of high energy/high velocity parameters.  The optional H2 secondary gas module uses stainless steel plumbing to ensure the highest level of integrity. The CP-640 measures and displays both system and PlasmaGun voltage to assist in parameter development and recognition of maintenance requirements. Both consoles provide the necessary requirements to permit operation with 3 plasma-forming gases.

Model 1200 Powder Feeder   The Model 1200 is a precision powder metering system designed and manufactured to enhance the performance capabilities of all thermal spray systems, including the latest high velocity systems. From in-house part reclamation to high volume production with critical tolerance applications, the Model 1200's versatility, reliability and precision accuracy make it the most practical choice for your powder feeding needs. Interface with a PLC or computer allows remote control operation when needed due to application or system configuration requirements.  The outstanding technical benefits resulting from the Model 1200's superior design are evidenced increased capability to apply uniform, tight tolerance coatings, consistently and productively. Precision accuracy, reliability, repeatability and unmatched versatility make the Model 1200 a truly cost effective choice for all thermal spray applications.

FS-100 Water Flow Switch Kit The FS-100 Water Flow Switch Kit controls and monitors the water used for cooling the PlasmaGun system. It contains a solenoid valve, screen type filter and water flow switch that interrupts system operation should water flow fall below a preset level.

We also recommend the purchase of a SK-100 Safety Kit, RK-100 "O" Ring Kit, and WCS-300 Water Control System, BP-300 Water Booster Pump or a HE Series Refrigerated Chiller to ensure optimum water conditions.

If you require a versatile thermal spray coating system that performs exceptionally well and produces superior coatings in the most cost efficient manner, then this system is the best possible choice. The powder feeder brings unmatched versatility and convenience to the powder delivery operation and the option for simultaneous operation with 3 plasma-forming gases is an industry first and provides unsurpassed operating condition versatility. The 80 kW power supply and the Bay State PlasmaGun with its patented features provide a system which satisfies the widest range of coating activities available.


  • 1 Cable Kits come standard in 12' and 25' lengths, but are available in other lengths up to 100'.
  • 2 For special applications where a fluidized bed type powder feeder is required, the Model 1200 can be replaced by the PF-700, PF-730LF fluidized bed powder feeders.
  • 3 The standard FS-100 Water Flow Switch Kit can be upgraded to a WCS-300 Water Control monitoring system, BP-300 Booster Pump Assembly or HE-Series Refrigerated Chiller.



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