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These ruggedly constructed, sound-attenuating enclosures are designed to acoustically isolate thermal spray operations from the rest of the work environment. The large, walk-in double doors allow unrestricted access and ample room to move large parts in and out of the room. Spray operators can remain outside the spray environment and view coating operations through large view windows with special shaded curtains for safety. The double-leaf doors also have twin windows mounted on them for additional viewing. The enclosure comes with a galvanized prime coat and rust-inhibiting primer.

The wide variety of available configurations make the Bay State AR Series Acoustic Enclosures the perfect solution for large or small parts, from high production operations to R & D. For machine shops with coating equipment., an AR enclosure is the most efficient, effective and safest way to incorporate thermal spray coating into their operations.

Standard Mechanical Unit Features:

  • Enclosures: (10 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft.-4 in. high)
  • Galvanized steel construction with finish paint.
  • One 82" x 84" double leaf cam-rise door with 18" x 22"  tinted windows.
  • Large (30" x 42") double glazed, view window with tinted #8 shade
  • Inlet silencers for air flows less than 7000 CFM.
  • (2) Large 305 mm x 305 mm (12" x 12") tinted windows in doors.

Optional Mechanical Unit Features:

  • Additional sizes available up to 20' and beyond.
  • Additional 30" x 42" double glazed window.
  • Tinted roll down shade for above.
  • Additional double leaf or single leaf doors, 82" x 84.
  • Aditional Silencers (3500 CFM each).
  • Exhaust Plenum, 2' 4" x 6' 11".
  • Dust tight Light Fixture.



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