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PRODUCT DATA SHEET                   Model No.    CP-120

CP-120 Control Console


  • Compact Design
  • Multiple Mixing Gas Operation Available
  • Solid State Digital Power Display
  • Automatic Audio/Visual Troubleshooting
  • Optional Hydrogen Mixing Gas Module

CP-120 Series

Designed for the 30/60 Kw PlasmaGun System



CP-120 Series PlasmaGun Control Console

The CP-120 Control Console produces high-quality plasma sprayed coatings typically seen on systems several times more costly. It features the time tested concepts of compact styling, simplified operation, and minimal maintenance, while allowing the plasma console to be positioned as close to the workplace as possible. The operation of all required utility functions are controlled and monitored at the workplace. In critical areas, audio as well as visual indications are given.

While the CP-120 can be integrated with a variety of plasma power supplies, it is commonly used with the dependable and versatile Bay State PS-2010 30/60 Kw power source, or as a component of the Bay State portable palletized system. When using Bay State plasma guns, a full scope of coatings can be applied, including Ceramics, Metals, and Carbides.

The CP-120 incorporates new features to control and monitor plasma gases. The system monitors pressure of any of the plasma forming gas or gas mixtures, and provides the ability to operate with multiple mixing gases. Using percentage meters and charts, a single meter can be used to set all gas flows in English or Metric units.

Featured in the electrical control and monitoring circuits is a new and highly accurate digital readout for both voltage and current. At a glance, voltage and current can be monitored or controlled at the point of operation. Control of water cooling system, essential to protection and efficient operation of a plasma spray gun, is provided by circuitry in the control console. By interconnecting with a flow switch kit, booster pump or closed-loop heat exchanger, circuitry is provided to automatically shutdown the PlasmaGun operation should the water system fail. The monitoring system provides both visual and audio indicators. This is done without the need for water to flow through the control console itself. The CP-120 Control Console provides simplified operation of every aspect of the plasma spraying operation. By virtue of gas, electrical, and water control and monitoring, all important spray parameters can be maximized. It puts ease and simplicity into the operation of plasma spraying.





Electrical Inputs to Control Circuits:

110-VAC-60 HZ Supplied from Power Supply


Auxiliary Functions:

Automatically controls and monitors:

  1. Water cooling systems
  2. D.C. Power Supply


Safety Interlock:

Automatic shutdown at system overload






190 SCFH Argon @ 50 PSI



1) Primary, mixing gas
2) to PlasmaGun, to Powder Feeder


Maximum output capacities:
(Based on a specific gravity of 1.0)

Primary - 190 SCFH @ 50 PSI = 1.5 SLS @ 345 KPA
Powder - 41 SCFH @ 50 PSI = .3 SLS @ 345 KPA
Mixing Gas - 12 SCFH @ 50 PSI = .09 SLS @ 345 KPA


Safety Interlock:

Independent metering of plasma and mixing gas
Automatic shutdown at low gas pressure






4 to 6 GPM @ 80 to 100 PSI
Interconnection provided with water flow switch/booster pump or heat exchanger


Safety Interlock:

Automatic shutdown at low water flow




Powder Feed Control:

Controls powder feed carrier gas





22" wide (560 mm) x 7" deep (178 mm) x 18" high (457 mm)



48 pounds (22 kg)


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