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The CP-500 is an aspirated Combustion Powder Spray Gun with an integral hopper using Oxygen and Acetylene to spray metal powders, both prealloyed and composites. It can be converted to spray ceramics by adding a vibrator and airjet.  Spray rates for metal powders are up to 20 lbs per hour.  The integral powder hopper makes it convenient and simple to change from one powder to another.  The CP-500 can also be used to spray self-fluxing hardfacing powders for larger jobs and heavier coatings where the coating can be sprayed to full thickness first, and then fused by a heating torch or in a furnace.

Additional accessories like extension nozzles for inside diameters and high spray rate kits are available for this gun.  A toolpost mounting bracket is included with the gun to allow mounting to a lathe for continuous end-to-end automatic spraying of large rolls.

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