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The CPS-600 is a production Combustion Powder Spray System which incorporates a highly efficient Combustion Spray Gun  with a precision Powder Feeder resulting in high spray rates and consistently high quality coatings.  The Gun nozzle has been designed to inject the powder into the hottest part of the flame for fast and complete melting.  The higher thermal efficiency and heat transfer qualities of this system produce higher quality coatings than previously possible with combustion including ceramics such as Alumina, Chrome Oxide and Zirconia.

The CPS-600 Combustion Spray Gun is of simple design having virtually no moving parts and the precision Powder Feeder ensures consistent powder delivery for continuous run operations. Along with the Air Jet Assembly, the system includes all the necessary flowmeters and hoses for component interconnection.

Extension nozzles for inside diameters are available for this gun, and a toolpost mounting bracket is included with the gun to allow machine mounting operations.

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