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  • Consistent, Non-Pulsating Powder Feed   
  • Quick Disconnect Hardware 
  • Single, Dual or Quad Powder Delivery Options
  • Adaptable to all major systems

PF - 700 Powder Feeder



The PF-700 Powder Feeder operates on the patented and proven fluidics principle, which eliminates the need for mechanically moving parts to deliver powder. Mechanically moving parts, when operated in abrasive media have a tendency to wear which in turn can result in variations in coating quality. The fluidics powder feed delivery principle provides a continuous, non-pulsating feed of powder, thereby insuring the user optimum process control and improved coating quality. An added benefit is low down- time, coupled with reduced maintenance and replacement part cost.

The system is designed so that a predetermined quantity of gas is delivered to a closed hopper containing powder. The hopper is constructed so that the gas is passed through a filter located at the bottom of the unit where it is diffused through the powder, causing the powder to become entrained in the gas and thereby become fluidized. A powder pickup tube is positioned above the fluidizing gas inlet allowing the fluidized media to be delivered under a shed on the pickup tube through a number of controlled apertures and then to a carrier area where it is propelled by the carrier gas to the feed hose.

The flow of carrier gas is monitored and controlled by the flowmeter located on the front panel of the Powder Feeder, and the fluidizing gas by the precision regulator. The delivery rate is a function of the quantity of fluidizing gas and the discharge velocity of the powder is controlled by the carrier flow. These parameters can be optimized and controlled for the specific powder being used during the coating process. The amount of fluidizing gas is controlled by the black regulator knob, located on the front of the Console.

A major innovation in powder feed technology, makes balky mechanical feeder obsolete by using gas fluidization as the metering agent. Its gas supply is initially split into two streams. One acts as the carrier and flows through a tube in the base of the hopper. The other is introduced past filters into the area where it fluidizes and conveys the powder to orifices in the pickup tube and into the carrier gas. The feed rate is proportional to the fluidizing gas flow and can be precisely controlled over a very wide range.

This revolutionary concept provides many new features and advantages for your coating operation.

Heavy Duty Hardware:

* Welded aluminum hopper, * Swagelok fittings

Easy to Clean:

* Quick disconnect facilities for rapid powder change

Simple to Service:

* No moving parts, * Full access to controls


Handles all Powders:

* From finest Ceramics to Heavy Metals and Carbides

Wide Feed Rate Range:

* Choose from to 100 lbs. per hour +/- 3% accuracy

Excellent Delivery:

* Steady and repeatable from job to job, day to day

Cost Effective:

* Higher deposition efficiencies @ 2 times the old rate


Multi-Delivery Ports:

*  Choice of single, Dual or Quad mode
*  Large visual Feed Rate Monitor display for complete process control

Three Hopper Sizes:

*  Mini, Standard or Production * Two tailored I.D. sizes
*  Powder hose lengths to 30 feet

Automatic Interface:

* Feeder will readily adapt to all major systems

For non-stop, non-pulsating, precision accurate powder delivery to virtually all plasma & combustion systems. The PF-700 Powder Feeders Provides:
  • Consistent non-pulsating powder delivery within +/- 3% of desired feed rate.
  • Reproducible delivery rates for a wide variety of powders.
  • Spray rates from to 100 lbs. per hour.
  • Continuously monitored feed rates for greater process coating control.
  • Complete portability and virtually maintenance-free hardware.
  • Single, Dual or Quad powder delivery options.
  • Remote powder feed on/off pendant.
  • Quick disconnects for easy cleaning of the hopper.
  • Dedicated hopper for maintaining total coating control on all critical applications.
  • Automatic interface with all Plasma and Combustion systems.
  • Dual delivery for dual torch operation.
  • Multi-feeder interface for multiport injection with bond/top coat option.
  • Improved coating quality.
  • Reduced maintenance cost and downtime.
PF-700 Gives You Three Big Advantages - Better Quality Coatings - Higher Productivity - Greater Economy.



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