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Historical Background

Bay State Surface Technologies, Inc. originally began in the Industrial Products Subdivision of Avco Corporation in their Wilmington, Massachusetts's facility in the late 1950's. This Subdivision, (referred to as IPS) was formed to commercialize various products developed by Avco in the course of some of their research and development projects.  At the time, plasma systems were being developed to test atmosphere re-entry materials for space programs sponsored by NASA and presented an obvious tool for application of thermal spray coatings.  By 1960, the first plasma spray systems had been developed including what is now known as the Bay State PlasmaGun™.

In the early 1960's this group was expanded to include other types of thermal spray equipment including wire metallizing, metal powder spraying equipment and consumables.  In 1964 Avco Corporation purchased Bay State Abrasives; a manufacturer of bonded abrasive products, and moved the Industrial Products Subdivision to Westborough limiting its activities to the development, manufacture and sale of plasma equipment and materials only.  This, along with a limited amount of custom coating application, was conducted in a 20,000 square foot portion of the 45,000 square foot Research and Engineering building of Bay State Abrasives. 

Bay State Abrasives was acquired during the mid 1970's, and until 1988 as part of Dresser Industries the Industrial Products Section (IPS), was able to gain a significant foothold in the thermal spray coating industry through both direct sales and distribution, and investment into new coating developments. During this time, a number of customized coating systems were designed, manufactured and sold, and the equipment line was expanded to include ancillary items such as spray booths, X-Y machines, roll machines, etc.

Throughout the 1990's under new owner Bay State Sterling, Inc. and later Tyrolit North America, the thermal spray business continued to serve a broad and loyal customer base with a dedicated staff manufacturing and supplying Plasma equipment, powders and blast media. In addition, some specialized (DiPaC) coating was continued, including clutch assembly parts for the U.S. Navy where Bay State is the sole source for such coating application. During these years, however, very little investment was made in R&D or Marketing of these lines by existing ownership with most of the resources directed toward the company's core business of bonded abrasives.

The acquisition of Bay State by Aimtek Inc. in March 2000, breathed new life into the company as a small business subsidiary of a highly successful corporation already engaged in the field of material joining. Aimtek, Inc. was founded in 1973, and is an award winning manufacturer and supplier of brazing materials, industrial gases and welding equipment. Aimtek was twice awarded the New England Small Business Subcontractor of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration and currently supplies products to a variety of industries including aerospace, semiconductor, automotive and utilities. The addition of the Bay State product lines to the Aimtek family results in a combined company uniquely qualified to provide quality products and services in the areas of material coating and joining.




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