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The Model 1200 Rotary Powder Feeder brings the ultimate in quality and dependability to your powder delivery system.  With time tested technology including closed-loop electrical controls, the Model 1200 offers precise, repeatable and reliable powder metering at an affordable price.  Interface with a PLC or computer allows remote control operation when needed due to application or system configuration requirements. The feedback motors provide precise, consistent speed.

The Model 1200 is a precision powder metering system designed and manufactured to enhance the performance capabilities of all thermal spray systems, including the latest high velocity systems. Low Feed Rate models are available for laser cladding applications. From in-house part reclamation to high volume production with critical tolerance applications, the Model 1200's versatility, reliability and precision accuracy make it the most practical choice for your powder feeding needs.

The outstanding technical benefits resulting from the Model 1200's superior design are evidenced increased capability to apply uniform, tight tolerance coatings, consistently and productively.  Precision accuracy, reliability, repeatability and unmatched versatility make the Model 1200 a truly cost effective choice for all thermal spray applications.




Mechanical Characteristics:




30.5" high x 32.2" long x 12.8" wide


Canister Capacity:

205 cubic inches


Canister Pressure:

0 to 90 PSI- Safety pop-off valve and gauge


Wheel Speed Range:

1 to 15 RPM optimal; 25 RPM Maximum capable
With Recalibration, by request (1 to 42 RPM option available upon request)


Weight (canister empty):

90 lbs.




Electrical Characteristics:



Supply Power:

115VAC 3 Amps 50/60Hz


Motor Control:

Digital Closed Loop with DC Gear Motor - capable of setting RPM without turning feed rate on


Wheel Speed Tolerance:

0.05% of Maximum Speed




Electrical Control Features:



  • Heater Blanket On/Off Switch
  • Plasma/HVOF Mode Switch
  • Remote/Local Feed On Switch
  • Remote/Local Wheel Speed Switch - Accepts either a 0-10VDC or 4-20mA external signal
  • Feed On/Feed Off/Clean On Switch
  • Hour Meter (times when Feed Rate or Clean Mode is engaged)








  • Powder Wheel Designs:

Powder Wheel Designs: Standard Slotted, Fine Slotted, 120 Hole, 240 Hole, 320 Hole, and High Volume Slotted (HV Slotted Wheel requires High Volume Lower Housing and additional High Volume Hardware)


  • 7.5 rpm Motor
  • 1.3 rpm Low Feed Rate Motor
  • Tool Cart Available
  • Remote Gas Flow Box
  • Remote Wheel Speed Control Box
  • Canister Extension


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