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Bay State PS-2010
PRODUCT DATA SHEET                   Model No.    PS-2010



* Solid State Electronically Controlled
* Compact Size
* Use with Bay State HF-2000 High Frequency Starter
* Compatible with all Bay State Control Consoles
* 30 Kw at 100% Duty Cycle
* 60 Kw Maximum Output





PS - Series Power Supplies

PS-Series Power Supplies are specifically engineered to provide complete electrical power for the Bay State PlasmaGun™ System. Three-phase power is transformed into a regulated DC output through the use of Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. The PS-2010 size makes it perfect for portable applications.

Thermal Overload Protection light indicates power shutdown. Helps ensure operator safety and protect power supply if duty cycle is exceeded or air flow if blocked.

115 Volt Duplex Receptacle provides 15 amps of auxiliary power.

Cooling Fan operates only when needed, reducing noise, power consumption, and the amount of airborne particles being pulled though the power supply.

Line Voltage Compensation ensures consistent arc performance by keeping output power constant, even if input power voltage varies by +/- 10%.

Enclosed Circuit Boards provide additional protection from contaminants resulting in longer service life. PC Board Protection prevents stray voltages of less than 115 volts from harming the power source PC board.

Power Cord Strain Relief provided for convenience at installation.

The PS-2010 Power Supply is generally used with the CP-120 Control Console, operating with Argon, Helium, and Nitrogen. It is capable of providing state of the art high velocity and high energy plasma parameters.

Specifications For PS-2010 POWER SUPPLY

Rated Output

Amperage Range

Amps Input at Rated Output,
50/60 Hz

Max. Open Circuit Voltage



650 amps at 44 volts DC, 100% duty cycle

50 815 amps

230 volts 130 amps

380 volts 77 amps

400 volts 73 amps

440 volts 66 amps

460 volts 63 amps

520 volts 54 amps

575 volts 50.4 amps

KVA 50

KW 34.8

72 volts DC

H: 30 in (762mm)
Including lifting eye

W: 23 in (585 mm)

D: 38 in (966 mm)
Including strain relief

545 lb.
(247 kg.)








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