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In a world of extremes PlasmaGun® 120 covers them all.

Bay State's PG-Series PlasmaGun produces high-velocity, high-temperature plasma for the application of ceramic, metal, and refractory materials to a variety of prepared surfaces. PlasmaGun's superior coatings are resistant to wear and high temperatures. Moreover, their electrical properties range from insulation to superconduction.

Superior Design

The PG-Series PlasmaGun incorporates a unique patented nozzle design that is especially effective when using argon as the plasma-forming gas. The many advantages of argon use include lower noise levels, longer nozzle life, reduced substrate heating, and lower electrical power consumption. However, the PG-Series PlasmaGun is not limited to the use of argon. Equipped with appropriate nozzle and cathode, it yields the same superior results using nitrogen, nitrogen/hydrogen, or other combinations of plasma-forming gases.

Economical Operation

The PG-Series PlasmaGun is designed for high performance at Iow cost. Its built-in efficiency offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption and the ability to operate with smaller and less costly power supplies
  • Reduced gas consumption
  • Increased nozzle life--as much as ten times or more using argon gas
  • High deposition efficiency for greatest surface coverage per pound of material
  • Lower noise levels
Easy to Use

The widespread acceptance of the PG-Series PlasmaGun can be attributed to its reliability and ease of use. For example, it can be hand-held or machine-mounted. The nozzles and cathodes can be changed or serviced without disassembling the entire gun. This built-in simplicity lets an operator take advantage of the many unique nozzle options available to control the exposure of the powder particles in the plasma stream. Nozzles can be changed by merely removing a simple threaded retaining ring. Cathodes can be removed or adjusted simply by loosening or tightening a collet.

Extended Electrode Life

The ingenious design of the PG-Series PlasmaGun increases electrode life significantly. The typical user can anticipate hundreds of hours of electrode life with no loss of deposition or spray efficiency.

Engineered to Stand the Test of Time

In a world where too many products are engineered for obsolescence, few can claim viability for over thirty years. The PlasmaGun is such a product. Its interchangeable anodes, adjustable cathodes and adjustable powder features have been on the job in industry world-wide for over a quarter of a century. Its enduring design means a PlasmaGun of 1960 can be easily upgraded to include today's design improvements. Moreover, at Bay State, we do not change a successful design--we enhance it.

The PG-Series PlasmaGun...
the high-caliber solution to your Plasma spray coating needs.


  1. Body Housing
    The ceramic-filled TFE body provides maximum protection in the electrical arc area and serves as a lightweight, solid housing for cooling water and gas flow.
  2. Long-Life Cathode
    The thoriated tungsten cathode is adjustable and removable for reshaping and polishing.
  3. Anode Housing
    The anode section uses lightweight, anodized aluminum to form the cooling passages and house the nozzle. The sides and bottom of the front are shielded to protect the operator from excessive heat or radiation. A brass head, useful for machine mounting, is optionally available.
  4. Nozzle-Anode
    The anode carries current and is used as the nozzle to create the optimal combination of gas velocity and constriction. A powder feed port permits powder injection into the nozzle area for complete mixing before the powder is ejected as a fine molten spray. The anode can be removed from the front of the PlasmaGun by simply unscrewing one retainer ring.
  5. Powder Feeder Tube
    The powder feed tube reliably supplies powder to the powder feed port.
  6. Water-Cooled Power Cables
    Power leads are well protected from accidental shorting by tools or from a fall on a conducting surface.
  7. Gas Injection Tube
    The gas injection tube supplies the working gas to the PlasmaGun.
  8. Insulated Handle
    The PlasmaGun's handle is constructed of lightweight, yet strong Lexan for high insulation and rugged durability. The two-piece handle provides easy access to PlasmaGun's power and water cable connections.

Now available with internal and external powder feed capability. Adaptors available for connection to other manufacturers' equipment.



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