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Bay State PG140
Adaptable for use with all Bay State Plasma Systems

The PG-140 PlasmaGun provides maximum versatility and performance.

The Model PG-140 PlasmaGun is capable of spraying up to 80 kW and suitable for a wide range of thermal spray applications.

Utilizing a broad selection of hardware options, the PG-140 can operate in a variety of spray modes and readily accepts I.D. attachments for coating applications in small diameters.

With this versatility and flexibility, you have the ability to spray a wide range of materials to produce virtually any type of plasma coating including metal alloys, wear-resistant carbides and ceramics from A(lumina) to Z(irconia).

Like other PG-Series PlasmaGuns, the PG-140 offers a unique design feature that also allows internal or external powder injection, further expanding the capability to achieve critical coating characteristics.

Additional features include self-aligning, long-life components that ensure proper assembly, and consistent, cost-effective operation.

  PG-140 Features:

  • Wide range of operational modes allowing unique coatings
  • Internal or external powder injection
  • Self-aligning components for consistent assembly
  • Long-life anodes and cathodes for cost-efficient operation
  • High spray rates at up to 80 kW

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