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The TM-600 Traverse Machine is designed with a 60 inch horizontal stroke and a 30 inch vertical stroke. Both axes can be operated simultaneous. With digital programming of simple operation commands by keypad inputs, the program can be running within minutes. The unit is capable of retaining up to 200 programs and each program can be called from any other program. This allows the operator to set up for production operation faster. The unit has eight built-in inputs and outputs for interface with external devices and has travel speeds of up to 600 inches per minute in the horizontal axis, and 300 inches per minute in the vertical Axis. A stroke counter can be added to allow the operator to monitor the number of passes. The positioning of both axes is displayed on the keypad. Both axes can be operated in the slow or fast jog modes for ease of actual positioning. Roll about, locking casters allow the unit to be moved and locked in place when needed.


Horizontal stroke  60"

Vertical stroke      30"

Horizontal speed   0.1 to 600 inches / min.

Vertical speed     0.1 to 300 inches / min.

Horizontal / Vertical positioning accuracy to three places:  0.001

Weight       400 lbs.


115 VAC 60 CYCLES 20 AMPS.

                 TM-600E CONTROL CONSOLE

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